The Bee Rustler    

 In the spring, established hives frequently split due to overcrowding. Half of the colony will leave home in search of a new one.  This can be a long and tiresome task so occasionally they stop to rest. They  congregate on something, usually a tree branch.  It could even be on a car, or a fence etc.
They form a ball with the queen in the middle where she is protected. Most of the time these bees are not aggressive as they have no home to protect. While this cluster of bees is hanging out, other bees from the group, the scouts,  are flying around looking for a new place to live. When they find it, they will come back to the swarm and tell them. Then the whole group moves into the new home.
  If there is a swarm in your yard, most people will have an insatiable urge to spray them with the water hose (and run). However even if you break them up for a bit, they will return to the same place until they are ready to leave.
    The good side --- They Will leave in a couple of days when they find a home. And they're cool to watch
    The bad side--- Their new home may be YOURS!

   Its much easier and cheaper to catch them before they move in
       So-- put down the hose and call me!     Its the right thing to do! : )