Results of an unprofessional bee removal
When the bees died, or left these hives, the moths and beetles took over. These maggots worked their way into the houses.
                      These guys give me the creeps!
Chances are, if you pay an "exterminator" to kill your bees. This is what you will have in your house in a few weeks
I assure you, its cheaper to do it right the first time.
        Check out the slide show of nastyness below!
             Make sure you're not eating breakfast!
As you can see from the pictures, squirting a little (or a lot ) of wasp spray into the entrance hole of your hive will be ineffective. You may kill a few bees and "toxify" the first few layers of comb but thats about it.  Even if you manage to poison them all, you will be left with a wall full of decaying bee and larvae bodies! Not to mention all of the honey and comb which will attract insects and all sorts of critters!
       Put the can down and call me!
   Its the right thing to do!!    : )
If left alone,the colony will grow and eventually fill every available space with comb.




The Bee Rustler